Faktor by Asseco

A complete IT ecosystem for modern factoring institutions.


has been so designed as to suit aspiring and competition-driven organisations such as banks or specialised factoring companies that handle comprehensive factoring transactions and entities furnishing debt management or debt collection services.

Ecosystem of Factoring Solutions

An innovative system for wall-to-wall factoring support

  • Split payment-ready
  • Full automation of business processes
  • Mighty report generator
  • Documents and reports open for modification by factor
  • Batch operations support
  • Smart alerts and notifications

Faktor WEB
A web-based application intended for clients and debtors: reduced interaction with factor

  • Review of factoring agreements
  • Access to current settlements
  • Easy invoice/correction transfer
  • Invoice confirmation by debtors
  • Submission of factoring applications
  • Generation and download of reports

Transfer Matching
A platform handling incoming transfers from clients

  • Automatic recognition and repayment of invoices based on in-payments

Softlab ERP
An ERP-class system to serve factoring institutions

  • Integrated with Faktor

Faktor BI
A modern Business Intelligence system intended for the factoring industry

  • Creating multi-dimensional analyses of outstanding, turnover and profitability
  • Risk management support

Faktor Mobile
A mobile app for clients: optimum limit utilisation

  • Access to current information on factoring transactions
  • Invoice transfer

Faktor Data Exchange
A platform for automatic data exchange with clients’ F&A systems

Faktor API
A platform for automatic data exchange with factors’ F&A systems

Access to the ecosystem

of factoring instruments means:


  • A larger number of customers served with the same number of factor’s human resources,
  • Faster launch of new factoring products,
  • Greater level of financing offered to customers,
  • More effective use of client’s limit,
  • Shorter transaction times,
  • Automatic factoring support service at the client’s,
  • Trend-setting capacity thanks to a thorough analysis,
  • Upgraded communication with the customer and increased customer participation in the business process.

What Do You Gain by Implementing Our System?

More business without additional cost

The idea behind Faktor 3 is to help operators handle the greatest number of events by performing the least possible number of operations in the shortest possible time, e.g. generate documents, process debt financing, create compensations or make transfers. Consequently, factors do not need to devote additional resources to grow their business.

Differentiate your product offering from that of the competition

Faktor 3 provides many new business functions to allow the users to offer their customers even more, attractive and tailor-made products. For example, the system supports the balance settlement model (besides the receivable-based model) so that factors are able to handle two models in a single application.

Effective operational and decision-making control

Faktor 3 has been fitted with a new, central data acceptance service, facilitating the processing of information by authorized users having been approved to do so.

Optimised operations

Faktor 3 affords its users the opportunity to grow their business by expediting their daily work with the application. Thanks to the modern and well-organised interface, the program provides quick access to required transactional data without having to navigate or go through a series of operations. This is to meet the objective of user optimisation within the application.

Informed and good decisions in less time

Faktor 3 means a new quality of work thanks to the manager dashboard making the business processes as visible and manageable as never before. It is intended to make the managers’ work less burdensome by accumulating the necessary information in one place. The manager dashboard significantly reduces the time of access to key data needed for informed business decision-making.

Access to the ecosystem of solutions for the factoring industry

The users of Faktor 3 have access to a suite of IT products that support all factoring-related areas, in particular supporting business decisions made by at the management level. Being offered such an opportunity, they are in a position to build a solution that will promise an across-the-board assistance in their activities.

Enhanced business profitability

Faktor 3 is capable of processing a greater volume of more and more complex factoring transactions. It does not require any additional operating costs; consequently, it translates into the greater overall profitability of the organisation while boosting the rest of its financial indicators.

Business process automation (BPO)

Faktor 3 automates the operations that used to be performed manually. The system assists in, for example, the management of life cycle of receivables, thus enabling a factoring institution to reduce the workload of its personnel.

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